Waterland company one of the Egyptian promising companies in the decoration, finishing and advanced lighting systems as we working on your place to feel it different .. we install waterfalls and fountain even inside apartments as well as we are specialist in the musical dance fountain at the mega malls and the large compounds, we handle it from A to Z like building, isolation, tiles granite, plumbing, electricity works …etc .. we change your ceiling design to be like a twinkle stars in the sky .. we make your tables, columns and arches to be aqua-sink .. as we can change your building facade color by the wall-washer lighting system to be in 16 different remoted colors .. we provide the led-tree and the Led-furniture products which takes your home garden to another level of luxurious moreover the 3D mirror on ceiling and ground .. the most important products that we have is the water bubbles blinds with 16 changeable colors with remote-control several programs..

Contact Us

cellphone/ whatsapp/viber +2 010 33 280 888
landline +2 3569 2228
22 Murad st, Giza - Egyp